JAGG Enterprizes wants to make sure you have the opportunity to inform yourself about your basement and our company before you begin the task of waterproofing. After reviewing our information pages and our frequently asked questions, if you still have any unanswered questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

My basement’s leaking, how long should I wait before getting it fixed?

We would recommend you deal with the situation as soon as it is made known to you. See Leak information for more details.

There’s a crack in my basement but its not leaking, should I still have it fixed?

Yes! With our Canadian temperatures a crack in your basement will continue to expand and its only a matter of time before it does leak. It’s always advisable to fix your cracks before there is a major problem. We also advise fixing those cracks before you plan on finishing your basement to prevent ruining all your hard work.

I’ve had two other companies in to quote my repair. One company provided me with a quote for exterior another with interior, both said it’s the only way to repair my leak. How do I know which option is the right one?

Many companies will tell you there is only one way to repair the problem, because it is the only method their particular company uses. JAGG Enterprizes has the means and knowledge to repair from the interior or exterior which gives you options and allows you to properly evaluate the best method for your situation. Circumstances such as the age and type of your foundation, a finished basement, or extravagant landscaping may eliminate one option over the other. When comparing quotes be sure to compare apples to apples and not just the dollar amount. Consider the actual procedure, how it will be approached, how long the company has been in business (not a fly by night), whether the company has the right licences, insurance coverage, proper credentials and ensure they are in good standing with BBB and previous customers. Be sure to research the company thoroughly before proceeding with any work. Also, keep in mind that some company’s only ‘damp proof’ your home. The only permanent solution is to waterproof.

How long does it take to waterproof my basement?

One regular interior repair can take just a couple of hours, however an exterior repair can take anywhere from half a day to a few weeks depending on the size.

How long will I have to wait before getting my leak fixed?

Wait times vary depending on the repair and time of year. Interior repairs can usually be completed within a few days. Contact our office for current exterior wait times.

My basement is finished, can I still have it waterproofed?

A finished basement is no problem as long as we have access to the exterior wall. Keep in mind however, if there is a lot of water entering, there could also be a lot of damage behind the drywall that you might want to have removed anyway. Depending on the situation, it may also be more economical to have the repair completed from the inside, which would require exposing the foundation to the bare wall in the area that must be repaired.

You’ve just repaired my basement leaks, I want my basement finished now, can you do that?

Yes! In January 2008 JAGG Enterprizes opened our renovation and landscaping divisions! Give us a call and we will have an estimator come out and provide you with a quote to finish your basement or redo your landscaping.

Do you come to my area?

Based out of Caledon, we serve the GTA and surrounding areas. If you are unsure, contact us by phone or email and we’ll let you know.

I just moved into this house and the previous owner didn’t give me the warranty from your repairs. If it leaks again will you still come and fix it?

Our ten year warranty stays on record with the home, not the homeowner. If the same repair leaks again within the ten years, we will gladly come back to fix it for you.

How can I pay for my repair?

We accept visa, mastercard, or cheque. Some repairs require a 15% deposit with specific payment terms on the signed contract. The final payment is due on the last day of your repair.

What kind of credentials does JAGG have?

We are licensed, members and sponsors of many organizations. For a full list view our credentials and see testimonials for further information.